Your money.
When you need it.

Benefits enables you to access your hard-earned wage, whenever you want. No wait time, no hassle, no interest.
About Benefits
a financial wellness platform
Benefits eases employees' financial stress, thus enables businesses build a higher performing workforce, unlocking human potential.

Business are empowered with essential tools & easy-to-use financial benefits to increase motivation, reduce attribution, & ultimately improve growth & bottom line.
Any day is payday!
No more paper-work heavy, time-consuming approvals to access your own salary in advance. Employees can immediately access earned wages in their in their bank account or mobile financial account.
Both free and low-cost options help employees save costs in credit card fees, late fees, and high-interest loans.
All employees of the registered companies are eligible for instant earned wage access benefit from day one.
Take that first step towards
a better financial future.
Using Benefits is as easy as 1-2-3!
Request An Amount
An employee can request withdrawals at 60% of an employee's paycheck. Cashout can be requested up to twice per month.
Confirm Cashout
Benefits confirms the cashout request with employees and where they want the money deposited.
Receive Cash
Benefits deposits the requested money into their bank or mobile bank account as soon as the next business day, or instantly with the Benefits debit card.
Convenient Payback
Cashout will be adjusted during next payday; or employees can conveniently payback with installments*.
Benefits takes the wait out of wages
Say goodbye to financial stress
and have access to money on-demand.

Buy that laptop, get into the course or
take care of that medical bill, without worry!
How do I access my earned wages?
If your company has onboarded Benefits, you can request your earned wage based on the days worked in the running month. After confirmation, Benefits will transfer the accessible amount to your bank or mobile bank account.
How much money can I get?
You can access a portion of what you've already earned, usually up to 60%, during every pay period. The maximum accessible amount is determined by employer settings.
How long does it take?
Requested Cashouts are confirmed and transferred to designated bank or mobile bank accounts within 48 hours.
How much does it cost?
Benefits is zero-cost to use if you settle your cash-out from your immediate paycheck. For flexible monthly settlement plans of 3/6/12 months, there's a nominal monthly payment process fee of, as low as ৳50.
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